Speed up a short sample

I want to speed up a sample so it’s an octave higher. I want the “classic way”, meaning it becomes half the length too ((basically that’s a resampling).

I found Time Stretching and unchecking “Preserve Pitch” seems to do the trick. It produces the classic speed up.

By trial and error I’ve found that this does not work when the sample is shorter than 100ms. But my sample is shorter. Is there another way of doing speed up or do I have to figure out a workaround?

If i understand correctly, what you want to achieve, you can just double the sampling rate of your file in the Audio File Properties. That way the available samples are just interpreted differently, but not altered for now (double of their original pitch at double speed, if you double the sampling rate). After that, and if needed, you can resample the file via Master Section to the original sample rate (or any other rate you’d like).
I’m not sure how well that works with such short files, though.

Ah, yes of course! That’s it.

  • First set double rate in the lower right corner.
  • Then resample back to original.

It’s looped samples to be used in a hardware sampler. There might be artefacts but that’s ok.