Speed Up Managing Signposts Via Keycommands With a Lua Library for ConsoleTools

As part of the release of three new scripting libraries for the ConsoleTools Lua framework, I today publish the Signpost Visibility Tool Library (the two other releases cover Beaming and Dynamics).

In addition to dedicated single-keycommand tools for each individual signpost type, the library provides tools for setting multiple signpost types at once, largely automating tasks that require ardous repeat menu interactions when done manually.

GIF – Control individual or multiple Signposts via keykommands:


GIF – Recall specific subsets of Signposts to display exclusively:


You can download the library below. The zip file contains the actual Lua script, and a PDF with the complete documentation:

ConsoleTools Tool Library - Signpost Visibility 1.0.zip (634.2 KB)

Note: Do not try to run the lua file directly in Dorico (via the Script menu). You will need the ConsoleTools framework in order to use the library. However, the free limited version will suffice to try it out. You can find more information about ConsoleTools in this thread.

Feel free to ask any questions about the library here. (Any questions specifically about ConsoleTools should be posted in the thread about the framework itself, though.)

:arrow_right: All freely available ConsoleTools Tool Libraries

As with previous releases, it should be noted that this library is somewhat of a “public beta”. If you find that something does not work as should be expected from the documentation, please feel free to get in touch with me. Further down the road, I plan to re-include the library (with any bug fixes) in a larger one, which will offer a variety of other script-enhanced Dorico tasks.