Speed Up / Slow Down Playback with slider (or similar) - like Audacity

Would absolutely love to find a better solution to this. When editing dialogue or podcast I like to speed up playback to get through the editing process quicker. In Audacity you can simply change the playback speed with a slider by the playback button. This is free open source software here…

When I want to do the same in Nuendo I have to enable musical mode, change the tempo and edit. This would be fine but for every track you have to wait 30 seconds for it to analyze the audio and then every time you apply any DOP or edit the length / warp of the audio it re-analyzes EVERY TRACK! Meaning your editing process becomes super long-winded whilst you wait 2-3 minutes if you’ve applied some DOP to a single event.

Long story short a simpler way of changing playback speed would be immense…!!!

If it’s just for playback speed you can easily assign keyboard shortcuts to the shuttle play speed settings.
It’s not the same as being able to work at a higher or lower speed but it may help still.