Speed Up Workflow with Vari Audio (hotkeys/shortcuts/A.I./etc)

Hey there,
I really love Variaudio for the way better workflow and integration than melodyne e.g., but I think there are still some improvements, which can be done. I’ll make some examples:

  1. Use Modifier+MouseWheel to change Quantize Pitch and Straighten Curve:
    It would be nice if we could hover over a note and hold down e.g. alt while scrolling to change the pitch or the curve

  2. Set Range for Straighten Pitch Curve by using hotkeys (in combination with Mousewheel?)
    It would be nice if we could change the range of the pitch curves by hitting assignable key commands, like we can when adding/removing fades to an event

  3. Glueing together notes, without losing pitch correction
    Right now, when we want to glue together notes, they will always lose all the changes we made to them. Glueing can be helpful, when wanting to change the pitch curve range of multiple notes, to round of the edges after tuning

  4. Automatically apply pitch curve range on the edges of a note
    It would be very helpful, if Cubase could detect by itself, when there is a certain range necessary, to avoid audible artifacts of heavy tuning. Mostly this happens when straightening the pitch curve, so that one note seems to jumps to the next, instead of having a gentle curve. A rounded off edge will help wonders, and could be detected automatically.

  5. Let us cut the notes in variaudio where we want - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

I feel, I have to do a lot of repetitive steps when tuning through a performance, and there need to be ways to speed that up!
If somebody else has more ideas, feel free to add them in the comments, so I will keep the post updated!

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Yes, I agree with all this. Much of the time I’m flitting my mouse from the event to the left panel to change the pitch centre or straighten, and back. That’s quite an overhead and slows me down.

I would add one extra feature request:

One-click Pitch Iterative Quantize and One-click Pitch Iterative Straighten - much like quantizing the timing, this would provide Iterative pitch quantize and pitch straightening via a shortcut keys. Press a few times to bring it closer each time.


If you want to have the notes 100% on pitch, there is already a shortcut, if you don’t know that already(Check the Sample-Editor key commands, its somewhere in there)!

Unfortunately, there is no way to move them step by step to the correct pitch.

I agree with you, variaudio (After you get used to that) is a phenomenal good and fast tool.
I use it over melodyne like in 97% of my projects.
Sometime I just wish I was able to have modifying variaudio tools directly on main project audio lanes, without had to open a second window.
As some others tools too like you said, but even with the smart tool I personally can do any thing.

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Thanks for pointing that out, I did not know that!! Yes, it is SampleEditor->VairAudioCorrectPich. Good stuff.

So, I’ve edited my post above. That’s half of what I’m requesting, but iterative quantise is very important as well for me. Particularly for the straightening pitch which is sensitive to adjustment, and not something you want to put to 100% usually.