Spelling of Percussion instrument names

Just a quick note for the team regarding the spelling of percussion instrument names in Spanish and Portuguese:
I noticed Cuíca is spelled correctly with the acute I, but Bongó, Cajón, and Güiro are missing their diacritics. Also, the singular of ‘timbales’ is ‘timbal’, not ‘timbale’.

This is an interesting area: from what I understand, “bongó" is the correct Spanish form, but the Anglicised “bongo” seems pretty widely used, doesn’t it?

I suppose so! I’m quite used to notation programs using the versions without diacritics, but my thought was that if you’re going to have the only option be Cuíca with and accent, then perhaps you’d intended to ‘force’ the correct spelling for all of them and missed a few.

The other issue with bongo and bongó is that ‘bongo’ get’s pluralized in English, whereas it is already the name for the whole instrument (comprising two drums attached together) in Spanish. The only issue of pronunciation (besides ‘timbale’, which is just as incorrect a singular form as ‘pierogie’, for example) here is Guiro/Güiro. I’ve heard a number of English speakers mispronounce Guiro as it would be pronounced in Spanish (gear-o), since the function of the diaeresis is to show that the U is not silent.