Spelling of unusual rhythm

Is it possible to spell the rhythm in the altos the same as it is spelled in the soprano 2 line? The meter is 5/8 with a 3+2 grouping.

I looked in Note Grouping in Notation Options and couldn’t see anything that seemed like it would work. Alternatively, is there a way to force that tied-16th-into-8th note to be a dotted 8th?

@ericgoetz8 you can use Force duration: select the tied note/s (you can select them all with command(control)+click), press: 4 , O (letter), double click the 5

-4: makes the note a sixteenth
-O (letter): enables Force duration
-double click the 5: makes the notes a dotted eight (without tie, because of the enabled Force duration)

Here more informations:

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Thanks, Christian. I had forgotten all about force duration, and for some reason was spacing on what to search for in the manual (it doesn’t help that google search results tend to link to discussions about older versions of the software—very little the Dorico team can do about that). By the way, it doesn’t appear necessary to press 4, before pressing O, in your instructions, above.

In any case, I didn’t know about the double-click trick for getting a dotted note. That’s so satisfying (and fast)!

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There are two ways you can mitigate the Google search thing that links to an older Manual (which was discussed in other threads):

  1. Make your search in Google, click on a result and, if the Manual version is not what you need, you can change the version Nr. in the address line of the browser (put “v5” instead of for example “v4”)

  2. make in Firefox a shortcut to the latest version of the manual in the Bookmarks Toolbar.
    Search for something in Google about a Dorico function, click on one result that has steinberg.help in the description, if you see that the page opens an older Manual, copy the title of the displayed subject, click on the created shortcut that opens the most recent Manual, paste it in the “search documentation” space, enter, and voila, you have the most recent informations (or some links related to the subject, but in the right version of the Manual)

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Yep, in this case, I wasn’t referring to older versions of the manual, but rather, discussions, videos, etc. I was searching for “rhythmic spelling”, which didn’t get me very far in the manual, so I searched in google and it went to this forum, where Daniel was talking with someone, saying it wasn’t currently possible (as of 2017 or whatever). I knew it had been implemented. I just couldn’t remember what it was called. Funnily, enough, I typed “force” in my question above, but never thought to search for that word—probably would have gotten me there much faster!

Opsss you are correct, sorry: reducing the length of the note is only necessary with tie chains:
From the third "Tip"in the Manual page:

If you want tie chains to appear as single noteheads with the same total duration, you must first reduce their duration, then change it to the duration you want.