Spent all night renaming quick controls parameters name on the inspector panel. Lost on reload

I’ll check rn thanks

You are speaking of the quick control assignments available on every plugin within the plugin GUI when you expand them using the QC button top left?

For each new instance of any plugin this starts as completely empty (all 8 slots are blank).

Or, are you talking about your own mapping created in the Remote Control Editor for supported midi hardware?

He is talking about the mapping in the remote control editor, that mapping gets saved for 1 vst globally. For exemple only 1 mapping is allowed for Kontakt.vst3, therefore if you load another instance of Kontakt, the mapping is the same

And you don’t really need a hardware to use that mapping editor although it’s the original purpose

And no there is no way to save presets for QC mapping to recall them for another instance if you just use the left panel, heck even the renaming doesn’t get saved, we are far away from having presets :joy:

Ahh, got it. That makes more sense, because I have tested assigning the Quick Controls from the plugin GUI top bar and it definitely does not save.

I played in the Remote Control Editor, but how do you assign a midi controller to control the assignments?

I already have a midi hardware set up as remote controller for quick controls, but this does not translate to the Remote Control Editor.

If using the MIDI Remote Assistant, you need to assign your hardware elements to the Instrument Quick Controls (Selected Track->Instrument->Parameters-> Parameter 1-8).

Ahh, every one of your posts lately is a revelation to me. Didn’t know about this one as well.

I’ve tried to set up, but the parameters (1-8) are hard pre-mapped to my controller. Trying to alter this simply doesn’t work for me.

For example, the controller knob will only affect the remote editor cell if it’s assigned to the pre-mapped parameter for that knob. Learning a new parameter from the plugin GUI successfully displays it in the remote editor cell, but then the controller knob does nothing.

Is there yet another place where I can hard-map parameters to the knobs? - I thought that’s what the remote editor is for! I’m sure I’m making a mess of this.

Hm. Sounds like a factory script? In that case, you could create a new page. It should be blank by default, and you could assign anything to any knob then.

Probably, but my device is simply set up as a midi remote controller. The CC’s emanating from each knob (which are set up to now affect instrument parameters 1-8) will always control the same parameter because of some back-end mapping, which I thought should be done in the remote control editor (not to be confused with MIDI Remote setup!)

Are we talking about Kontakt now?

Ah, no it’s ANA2. Maybe I should try other plugins and see how they go.

You know what, I’ve figured out a work around. Track Archives do save focused QC assignments. I’m going to go down this path.

Have a look at this graphic novel of a post here, and see if it helps with the Hardware Controller → Mapping Assistant → RCE conundrum. If it doesn’t, maybe we could open a new thread and talk specifically about ANA2, screenshots and all.

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Thank you! I will do some further reading there.

It seems like it’s a legacy function (remote control editor) combined with a new one (midi remote setup) that might be the cause of this strife.

Appreciate your replying and help.

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Downloaded out of curiosity a demo of this plugin. The instrument qcs work almost as expected, I did notice one parameter appearing in the first bank for no obvious reason and this is the first time I notice something like this to a plugin.
At the same time, upon adding a new instance, the Focused quick controls disappeared, while they were showing at the first instance. Not sure if this has anything to do with the fact that I’ve downloaded a demo or there are some internal issues with the vst3 version of the plugin.

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update : After reloading my template today, I lost all QC names even tho I used the remote control editor this time

I’ll just stick to midi CC

Thanks for your investigation. I guess I picked a bad plugin to try this controller assignment stuff on. Same behaviour of the plugin here (full version).

True that other plugins remember the focused QC assignments - which was my whole intention in the first place. ANA2 just doesn’t play nice there.

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