Spent all night renaming quick controls parameters name on the inspector panel. Lost on reload

Hello, I spent the entire night yesterday renaming the quick controls parameter on each track of my orchestral template.

I loaded my template today… and … every quick controls parameters name is back to default …

I see that it was reported as an issue 2 years ago in the forum ?
Is there a workaround ? Do we have a feedback on wether the cubase team know about this ?

EDIT : see pinned workaround. But be careful if you are using kontakt, the remote editor get mapped to the same “#number host automation parameter inside kontakt” which is something shared across all kontakt instances in all your project


anyone ?


Yes, this is a known and already reported issue.


Yes, already reported to Steinberg.

Hi, @bensmir.hbs and @Martin.Jirsak, I guess you’re talking about the quick controls as seen in the inspector’s tab?
I suppose that renaming a control would make more sense if we edit its name at the Remote Control Editor, so that it would be universal and not project-specific. This way, when we load a template, and even if it (wrongly, and obviously needing a fix, no question) shows the original control name, we can click on the little arrow “Get Default QCs from Plug-in” and we get the edited name we want back.
But maybe I’m missing something here and haven’t understood the context, or maybe there is a reason for not making these new names universal but project specific?



Yes, we do.

I like the idea a lot! The only downside is it works with the MIDI Remote only. @m.c You are too much in the MIDI Remote world, now. :slight_smile: There are also users not have a MIDI keyboard/controller. :wink:

Of course, once you rename your Quick Controls, it should be stored in the project. This is clearly a bug.

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But my friend, I see the quick controls’ new names come as expected in the inspector’s tab, once we hit the “Get Default QCs from Plug-in” without the need for a remote :slight_smile:


Yes, but your idea requires MIDI Remote. Or am I missing something?

I have a similar gripe with plugin Quick Controls. There is no way to save presets, not with the plugin nor with the track itself, to recall Quick Control assignments.
So, for every single new instantiation of a plugin (can be the same plugin even!), you have to rebuild from scratch.

I thought this was an April Fool’s joke by Cubase, but it’s September…

I can’t test now from work, but @m.c has a very very good idea. No MIDI remote is required, this is all internal Cubase communication. We can rename a parameter of a plug-in, and save the Remote Control Editor for that specific plug-in.

So… when Quick control is assigned to THAT parameter of the plug-in, it SHOULD show the name saved within the RCE, right? Unless it asks elsewhere for the parameter name, but where would that be? To me it feels absolutely logical that the names of the parameters should be taken from the RCE.

It’s fairly easy to test!

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Hi @ggmanestraki , here’s how things go, in order for you to understand better what the other friends say, and at the same time my workaround, which indeed is not based on midi remote.

Here’s a plugin (CMI) with its default parameters:

As we can see Inspector and the QC view of the plugin are showing the same parameters.
Now, let’s go to the remote editor of the plugin and change the name of the first parameter to, say, “Custom Filter” instead of the default “Global Filter”:

If we refresh the inspector view, we will see the change:


BUT, now, if we save this project as template and create a new project based on this template, we now have again:


The original name of the parameter (Global Filter) reappears, seemingly ignoring our edit (Custom Filter).
However, since we’ve changed the name using the remote editor instead of using the inspector, we can now click on the “Get Default QCs from Plug-in” and yeah, we get the edited name shown as expected:


I’m not saying that this is what a user has to do, it’s just a workaround until the issue is fixed by Steinberg. To me, honestly, it looks more “clean” and “universal” to work with the remote editor (I never change parameters’ names, however I do change their order) than to work straight into the inspector. But this doesn’t mean that my way of dealing with QCs should be a “standard”, a fix is obviously required.


Hi, I cannot replicate this. Whichever setup I’ve ever created for a plugin using remote editor, always gets saved and restored properly for the saved or a new instance in another project.

Wow… I must check this!

wow thanks mchantzi ! I didn’t even know about the Remote Control Editor, it looks like some legacy menu aha

One question : can you save a preset and load it into another instance ? (The answear is probably no because the links are track specific) I ask this because I have “x” instances of cinematic studio strings by with different patches and different articulations loaded separately, yet I always have the same mapping of QC (close mic, room mic, main mic etc.)

It’s not a legacy menu though I agree it looks like this due to its UI, however many of us still use it in order to get better result while in the midi remotes.

I don’t own this plugin but I think that the QCs assignments will stay the same for whichever preset of it. Not sure if there are plugins which change QCs based on a preset, but this would defeat the initial purpose of the mapping, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

It’s a library inside Kontakt

Well, after some testing, it appears that the remote control editor is something that can only be mapped to the same 8 parameters no matter the track selected.
For exemple the Kontakt track 1 needs a different set of parameters to be mapped to the 8 QC than the Kontakt track 2.
It seems like the remote control editor gets mapped to the same “host parameters” that are numbered #0001 etc. inside Kontakt. And this “mapping” between the different kontakt host parameters and the remote editor seems to be shared by the kontakt tracks of ALL the project

I think I found a workaround
Since I am only allowed to have same 8 Kontakt Host automation parameter numbers, I will only use the quick controls for 3 mic positions volume level (Since those 3 parameters exist for almost all my loaded kontakt tracks and are not specific to certain librairies) :

  1. Close mic
  2. Deca mic
  3. Room mic

I will then assign them (for each kontakt instance) to host automation parameter #0101 #0102 #0103 because those are always empty.

Really hope steinberg fix this (minor) bug

Ah, Kontakt, sure, you’re right!
I actually never used Kontakt on its own, and I’m the minority since I preferred Komplete Kontrol, exactly because when I’m in the plugIn View of a dedicated controller (an s49 mk2) I always got whatever is assigned to my 8 knobs per bank. Note that this is an eco-system out of the norm of VST QCs. I even had most of my plugins nks-ready in order to comply with the kk’s way of dealing with browsing and controlling parameters.
Lately I’ve abandoned (due to personal preferences) all these libs and I work with other VSTs which seem to work quite well with the remote editor. Obviously this was not the reason I abandoned the other stuff, just saying.
Anyway, now I get a better understanding of what you’re after, and I have no clue whether this could actually be done without “exotic” handles, such as externally grabbing the Kontakt’s “real” assignments and bring them to a midi remote and then bring these assignments “somewhere”, be it a screen, a controller, whatever. If I had to do this, though it’s doable, honestly I would get back to my Komplete Kontrol :slight_smile:

Yes, at first I did not understand your first response but then I knew you weren’t talking about Kontakt because it’s true that Kontakt add “1 layer of complexity” with it’s host automation system because, as you said, it’s another ecosystem outside of the norm of VST QCs… Because they needed to have stuff nks ready and the original mapping can’t be deleted

but thanks anyway, I’ll still use your workaround because I don’t want to be starring at my QCs on the left inspector panel and see “Volume” “Volume” “Volume” …

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Exactly, my friend. I just got misled a bit by the thread’s title.If you had Kontakt in it, I would try to not to confuse you more:)

BTW, the new Komplete Kontrol MK3 is able to directly browse and control Kontakt 7. Some friend find this functionality useful. I don’t, but, who knows :slight_smile: