Spent time in a project instead of Max Record Time?

is there a way to know the spent time in a project, instead of “Max Record Time” ? :question:

Max record time just tells you how many hours of recording, at your current samplerate and bit depth, your storage can hold before you run out of space.

What do you mean by “spent time” for a Project?

I’m looking for see how many hours I been working in specific project,

Max Record Time shows me for a project 409 hours which must be wrong since I have been working on this project 4 days not 17 days…

HOFA has a pluging, i think its called projecttime, its free, and it is counting hours/minutes a project is open and activated.

Did you read my previous reply?

Max record time has nothing to do with how long you’ve been working on the project. It just tells you how many hours of recording left on your hard drive before you run out of space.

In any case, Cubase is twisting the data, today shows “153 hours” yesterday was 409 hours… how is that possible? …maybe a Cubase bug.

On the other hand, I was looking for an option to show time in relation to working time on a certain project, I see that cubase can’t do this, I will review @hjwinge’s suggestion, but I am surprised that Cubase still can’t do this by itself, most DAWs do it… and honestly it would be much more useful to know how much time is invested in a specific project than the maximum recording time that is shown always wrong.

thank you so much, i will check it :slight_smile:

It depends how many tracks you have record enabled. If you have space for 100 hours in total, it will only show 50 hours if 2 tracks are record enabled because, well, 2 tracks requires double the space. It will also change depending on your current available space on your hdd/ssd.

Could you please search the manual https://steinberg.help/cubase_pro/v10.5/en/cubase_nuendo/topics/recording/recording_remaining_record_time_c.html?hl=record%2Ctime

For many people it’s pretty useful to know how much remaining recording time available on the drive, and more useful than how much time you spend on a project. I mean who cares how long you spend? We all spend the time needed to finish what we are doing and to get a result we are happy with.


Very good free plugins, have been using them for years.

I care and many people cares, that’s why some other DAWs can do this simple task… and It can have useful uses E.G:

1 It could be to see how much time you have worked on a project and how much time you have wasted looking facebook or Netflix or any other distractor at the same time, since sometimes on tracks that can take “1 month” if you count it in days it could have been 5, and you will realize that you have been wasting time on other things.

2 It can also be to improve your flow, if you work under pressure for company brands.

3 It can also be to calculate how long it takes you to do certain jobs if you have customers to deliver to and give them a real approximate in hours (not in wasted days).

4 It may be simply out of curiosity.

And many other reasons… so yes I care and as I said many people cares… so in my case I can say:

Who cares about remaining recording time available on the drive? you can check that directly on the disk and honestly; Who want to feel worried or stressed about remaining time? seriously? If you see your disk is getting full just get new one, there is 5TB disks. Just my opinion.

awesome thanks!

HOFA is not good.

Try DSTimeTracker_1_2 VST3