'Spiccato' persists beyond the set range (HSSO)

Hi there,

When I use the strings from HALion Symphonic Orchestra and assign spicatto to a group of notes, this articulation will persist onward until I assign ‘arco’ to any note following the group, whereas no workarounds are required when a similar articulation, like staccato, is applied. (Please take a look at the screenshot.)
Keeping ‘arco’ at the inappropriate places in the score will be misleading for musicians because it is supposed to indicate that the preceding part is to be played without a bow, which is not the case with spiccato.
Is it a bug or was it intended to work this way?
Thanks for your comments.
(Windows 10, Dorico 3.5 PRO, Audio Engine version

Try “ord.” or “nat.” (in the Common articulations panel) instead of “arco”. That shouldn’t confuse the players, but it may be a bit pedantic if it is obvious where the spiccato is supposed to end.

Whatever method you choose, you can hide playing techniques using the Properties panel.

Thank you, Rob Tuley! Swapping ‘arco’ for ‘ord’ and hiding it did the trick.