Spikes in C8

So…I’m getting really bad spikes in C8. Doing research on the forum, i found that some folks have had success disabling hyperthreading and eist in the bios. I have done that which improved the performance slightly, however it is still bad. I can run the same project in C7.5 with no problems at all. C8 gives me spikes without the project even playing. I added to pics showing the project in 7.5 and 8. Any other suggestions out there? Thanks

Windows 7 64
20 gig ram
500 gig ssd drive OS
500 gig ssd drive recording
amd radeon hd 5450 graphics card
8.0.10 dpc.jpg
7.5 dpc.png

Sounds like my story. You just saved me some troubleshooting though (possibly). I was going to try a radeon graphics card and an SSD for samples to see if that helped assuming I could borrow some. Seems you have the same symptom but the alternate setup to me for these two parts.

Looks more a more like something in C8 audio engine to me and we are left with silence from Steiny I’m afraid. I really don’t know how to log this as an issue but it clearly is one.

I’ll help you with some more troubleshooting. I’ve used an nvidia gtx 650ti graphics card and even my onboard video and still the same spikes. My motherboard is also a Gigabyte GA Z87X-OC. Core i7 4770k haswell 3.5ghz. I also have regular hd drives in my comp and external drives and when recording on any of those, the spikes are still there. I’ve been dealing with this for months since C8 was released. I’ve finally given up and went back to 7.5. This weekend I worked about 18 hrs without a single hicup, drop or spike. Think i’ll just wait til 8.5 to try again. By the sounds of the crickets whenever I post something like this, I don’t think anyone at Steinberg has a clue what’s going on yet so i’ll just have to wait.

Have you tried running Latency Monitor (http://www.resplendence.com/latencymon) ? It can tell you the name of the offending driver.

Never heard of it! I will def try it out!

Your mileage may vary but neither latencymon nor DPC checker show any issues with my setup - there is no “offending driver”.

There’s a gremlin in here I am sure! :slight_smile:

I can also confirm rogue spikes in C8 that I never had with C7.5
I have every system performance tweak in place. Something to be investigated!

Thanks to Krisp, I downloaded Latency Monitor and it did give me alot of info as to what were causing drop outs. 4 hours later of troubleshooting everything suggested from the program…literally. It kept coming up as my firewire card being the issue. I updated the drivers and went from the once recommended “LEGACY” drivers back to normal. Now the system is running rock solid so far. Have only been running it for 2 hours but so far so good.

Was Latencymon saying your system was unsuitable when you started?

I ask because latencymon is all green in mine and says everything is fine with the system. Whilst there are obviously items on its list I haven’t tried working my way down it because it seems fine. If you were more tenacious than I and just worked on it anyway I might just start at the top and work my way down exhaustively even though it’s all green.

Also congrats by the way. :slight_smile:

Yes. Latency mon was showing red saying the system cant run audio without dropouts and that it could be due to power management (not exact verbiage). But it also was showing random different things. Im not sure i was reading the results correctly at first but it reported google chrome, logme in, avast, usb etc. But the one thing that always came up was ieee 1394 which was my TI firewire card that my mr816 is connexted to. Soon as i changed the drivers from legacy, everything is lovely again. Worked 8 hour session last night with not one spike.

I’m also getting spikes from C8 - Any troubleshooting suggestions for a OSX user ?

Same problem for me in Osx :frowning: this is driving me mad