Spin Box - Holding Down Shift Key not Snapping


In the tutorial on “How to Create a Worksheet | Page Layout in Dorico” by Anthony Hughes, I am told that holding down the Shift key while using the spin boxes will first “snap” then modify the values by 10. As seen on the video, (at around the 7:30 mark), while Anthony holds down the Shift key and presses the down arrow, the value does indeed snap from the original value of 79.84 points to 70.00 points. This “snapping” is not working for me. What happens is the modifying by 10 i.e. 69.84, 59.84, etc., but no snapping to the nearest whole number (70.00, 60.00, etc.). Any ideas why this doesn’t work for me as shown in the video?



For what it’s worth, I don’t have the snapping behaviour either – there is probably some OS setting that is affecting the behaviour of these controls, though I’m not sure what it might be.