Spinning ball at first playback

This is something that has migrated from at least 8.5:

when playing back audio file first time after having opened WL I get a spinning ball - then playback starts but the first bit of audio is not played back. After this things work as expected.

This is WL pro 9 running on a mid '15 MBPr on El Capitan using a UAD apollo twin TB and happens with built-in audio as well.


Isn’t this just for the audio driver to Initialize at the very first playback !?
I get a ball but not the spinning one here but the playback start’s after 2-3 s
maybe there could be Initialize process (stop, wait, sign etc) of some kind but what ?
this is with WL 9.0.10 (build 536) and OS X 10.11.3

regards S-EH

I think this is normal behavior, not an actual bug. After I launch WL9 and play the first audio file, a smaller black & white spinning ball appears for a second or two while the driver initializes. After that, all is OK.

The spinning ball appears once when the audio engine initializes for the first time after the program has been launched. It’s not a bug.

well if it’s not a bug then something that needs optimization.

Earlier versions (on pc at least) didn’t behave like this nor does other DAWs like cubase for instance.

It’s like photoshop only displaying parts of the image because the GPU has to initialize?

I don’t get it - its not like a killer bug still its annoying :slight_smile:

Apart from that I love this new version so far :slight_smile: