Spinning Pinwheel - Cubase 11 - macOS 10.15.7 Catalina

I am having issues with often and sporadic spinning pinwheels when using the new Cubase 11. This issue does not occur in Cubase 10.5 at all. I have spent the entire day troubleshooting this issue. Something has changed with the way Cubase handles the GUI in macOS from 10.5 to 11. I can replicate the issue without fail. The issue occurs in an absolutely blank Cubase session with all 3rd party plug-ins disabled and default preferences. As a matter of fact I did a clean install of macOS 10.15.7 on my new 2019 Mac Pro and installed nothing but Cubase 11 and can replicate the issue in a new Cubase session with no tracks at all. Just by simply creating a four bar loop and starting playback the random pinwheel will occur and briefly lock up Cubase. It is making Cubase basically unusable at this point. To say I am disappointed would be an understatement. :frowning:

Hi, this is a bug in macOS 10.15.7. Downgrading to macOS 10.15.6 or updating to macOS 11.0.1 will solve your issue.

Not an option to do either. Will this be fixed on the Steinberg side?

Just curious as to why it’s not an option? What if it’s Apple side?

This is a bug in macOS. We are not aware of a workaround thus we cannot fix it.

Because I cannot go back to 10.15.6 for a number of reasons. No 10.15.6 installer available to start and Apple provided significant changes that warrant using 10.15.7. The list is long. Second, Big Sur will wreck most 3rd party software right now. I think that should go without saying. Not to mention that Steinberg doesn’t officially support it yet. I find it quite bizarre actually that a Steinberg employee would suggest jumping to Big Sur this prematurely.

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Oh well you have your answer above.

You’re going to hate me saying this, but switch to Windows mate. I’ve barely ever had a problem with Cubase. I run a 15 year old OS called Windows 7, which can run everything from an older OS called Windows XP and I can run lots of what runs on Windows 10. Cubase 11 won’t install on Windows 7, but I can simply install it on a Windows 10 computer, and copy over the folders to my Windows 7 system and it will - so I’ve been told - work mostly without fault (there’s a couple caveats)

And then on Windows 10, I can still run a lot of software as far back as Windows XP. Windows is imo, the true mainstream engineering platform with Linux being the specialty engineering platform (NASA uses Linux).

I know most Apple users believed they were going to the Light side, but that’s what cults do. It’s actually the dark side.

Is Steinberg aware that 10.15.7 provides GPU updates and fixes for many graphical issues? It would make zero sense to roll back to 10.15.6.

I guess you missed Arnes reply?

I was able to find a link to Apple macOS Catalina 10.15.6 release. It is possible to upgrade or downgrade to a lower level release.


I ordered a new MacBook Pro 2019 and it came with Catalina 10.15.7. I’m hoping I don’t have the same issues. How is your system running? Did you downgrade?

I get a pinwheel for 10-30 seconds every time I click or select anything in either Cubase 10.5 or 11. I went from Catalina 10.15.6 to Big Sur 11.4. Happens on both, doesn’t matter what I do. Any insight on how to fix this?

On a separate note, Cubase 10.5 crashed constantly. Literally every time I started up Cubase, just crashed. Looks like 11 is going to have it’s challenges as well.