Spinning wheel all the time

I have a project with 14 flows - a musical project. 7 - 10 instruments and it’s running on a supercharged Mac trashcan 8 core 128 gb. I use it with Cubase, logic … for years and I am doing it all the time - working all day in my studio. My set-up works fine with all the different apps I use in my daily work. But Dorico is really slow - even after the latest update. I have to wait all the time, often the cpu is showing no activity at all. So I get spinning wheel quite often. This video shows how long time it takes to change midi-channel in the Inspector, for a player. It’s ridiculous how long time it takes, comparing to ALL the other apps I use: Dropbox - Dorico Pro 4 spinning Wheel all the time.mp4 - Simplify your life
I have quite a lot of VST’s instruments and plug-ins, could they be the cause for this?

I’d be interested to know whether you find the Dorico 4.0.30 update improves this specific behaviour.

Hi Daniel

Thank you for your interest.

Yes I experience an improvement. Switching between the different modes, is faster. Changing midi-channel in the play/inspector panel, is still very slow, the on/off button next to the counter goes off for a second AFTER the channel is changed.

But I definitely have a problem with linking:
An example: I’m looking at a full score layout - galley view - of a flow nr. 8 named Money (Cabaret). I select a note in the reed part and change to the reed layout and Dorico returns me to the first page of the layout. That’s really annoying. I know that I can have to windows open at the same time.
The linking between Write - galley and page mode and to Engrave mode seems to work fine now.

I had a little problem yesterday. I was send a logic session that I had to transfer to Dorico. Editing the midi involved to double duration of all notes, including a drum set. This was only possible if I changed the percussion display to single line Instruments in layout options. Selecting all notes in a 5-line staff - set to Insert mode - an use double duration didn’t work as expected.

I also had a problem during note input with the up/down arrow keys, when some staffs are hidden with the help of instrument filters. If the staff below the staff you are currently working is hidden due to the instrument filters and you hit the down arrow, which usually brings you to the staff below, Dorico will bring you ALL the way back to the first flow and select the staff - still hidden - that IS below.

My projects are usually quite large. The actual project is 145 page full score. It would be so nice to be able to link the views between different layouts to stay inside the present flow. One of the top 10 Dorico features, which I recently reviewed for the Danish Conductors guild, I like the most, is the possibility to have a collection of music - musical/symphony/suite - collected in one file, with score and parts. But I think this "meta concept” of yours, would benefit from being customizable to focus on just the present flow, otherwise it can be quite annoying to have to use command+g to get to the flow/bar you are currently working on.

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I’m glad the update has improved the performance on your computer. Thanks also for your feedback on working with multiple flows and editing music on percussion kits. I will keep all of these points in mind as we continue to develop the software.


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Stig Christensen

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Of course! Thanks!
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