Spire vst problem

Hey folks, dunno if this is the right place to put this, if not im sorry.
Im using cubase 8.5 and i just downloads the spire synth demo, always testing stuff out before i buy it,

However i got a small problem with it that ive never seen before. If i open up more then one instances of the synth
I get wierd sounds. Clips and crackling sounds. Like the sound u get on for example ipad when using cubasis and ur CPU is drowning. Howver in sitting on a pretty powerfull computer and i can open 15 instanc of example serum without any problems “wich should sort a CPU issue out”

Ive tested install and uninstall a cupple of Times, problem still there :confused:
anyone got a clue what the problem can be? Really bothers me Since ive been really impressed with the synth overall

Cheers/ Jimmy

Spire is quite heavy on the CPU -way more so than Sylenth. It’s a great synth though.

Sorry I misread your post. If you can run 15 instances of Serum and only 1 of Spire, then something’s not right! Not sure what though.

Yeah its a wierd problem, i dont even need to have sound out from the sec spire, if i mute it the clicks go away, as soon as i unmute with or without sound the crackling sound starting :confused:

This blows on so many levels! Cuse the more i cant use the damn synth the more i want to buy the full version :confused:

I just got this answer from there support:::: Do you think they missubderstood my question and ment the wave sound that comes ever 30 sec, or can it be the most odd demo limit that if u open up more then one instance of a demo synth, that clipps and crackle sound will come??


Thank you for your question.

These sound glitches, that you experiencing during demo session come from demo-limitation on MAC OS.
They will disappear after Spire activation.

We believe that your experience with Spire will bring you some new ideas and concepts.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

The Reveal Sound Team

2016-02-08 22:59 GMT+02:00 Jimmy

Hey guys, im currently have you spire ‘demo version’ thinking of buying it but just wanna test it out first, it looks and feels like a really nice add to my collection :smiley:

however! one thing that worries me is that whenever i open up 2 or more instances of spire in my cubase 8.5 there comes sounds, clicks and crackle’ like if u have cpu problem or something, wich i dont.

Im not talking about the wave sound that comes ever 30 sec but just bad sounding clicks. this is ofcourse a gamebreaker for me when it comes to buy the full pruduct.

So my question ofcourse, is this a known bugg? or might there be a solution to it?

Il send 1 wave from my cubase with 3 spire loaded with just random presets, u should be able to hear the clicks