Spitfire Audio Originals - Cimbalom + Vienna Ensemble Pro Template

Hello dear colleagues,
I managed to create a properly working playback template and Expression Maps for Spitfire Audio Originals - Cimbalom.
The only requirement to use this template is to own a copy of Vienna Ensemble Pro.
Unfortunately Originals series, by default, do not support KeySwitcher, nor ProgramChanges in order to switch the articulations, so no way to host it directly in Dorico, nor in Cubase.

I didn’t include the “Warp” patch because isn’t something common for this instrument. But of course you can follow the way I created the Expression Maps and add if you need it. :slight_smile:

There are two common ways to perform damping on Cimbalom by writing staccato, or by adding pedal, so you may need to create Pedal technique for the Cimbalom:

Here is the zipped folder with all needed files:
Spitfire Audio - Originals Cimbalom.zip (425.2 KB)

Enjoy using this nice instrument! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,