Spitfire BBC Discovery Strings vs. NotePerformer Strings

Can anyone who has used the Spitfire BBC Discovery Strings (especially with John B’s Expression Maps) and NotePerformer comment about the relative sound(s) of the Spitfire and NP string sounds?

Can The BBC Strings work smoothly with the non-string NP sounds? Balance? Compatibility?

it can’t be stated often enough that the BBC Discovery strings have a grand total of 2 patches for standard playing – basically long and short. The long has a swell on every note which can make it borderline unusable depending a bit on taste. There’s also staccato and tremolo but that’s you. That makes it pretty hard to compare with any library you have to actually pay for. Having said that, the actual sound is probably better with the BBC although NP improves considerably when you reduce the vibrato to around 30-40 (other than for very espressivo). I’d love to get a trial for the Core version which is where the orchestra really starts to get interesting but I assume that’s not possible.

I actually downloaded the Discovery in the hope there might be one or two patches which might supplement a mock-up with a more complete orchestra but I’m struggling a bit as they are very individual.

Thank you. And thank you for the tip on NP strings.
I hope any others with experience will chime in too.

How do you reduce the vibrato in NP? I wasn’t aware that you could make such adjustments.

CC105 and CC106. (Also CC20, but that doesn’t “reduce” vibrato). When all else fails, read the documentation :slight_smile:


Thanks Rob, I’m really dense I guess, as I even had a hard time finding it in the manual (“find” is my friend). But life’s like a box of chocolates and I found it eventually, and there’s lots of other useful CC data mentioned in there as well. Thanks for the heads up, much appreciated!