Spitfire BBCSO Expression Map Problem

Today I’m working on a Dorico Expression Map for BBCSO Discover. It seems that only way Steinberg team allow us is to use only HSO for composing orchestral pieces. Am I right?

I set up the same flow onr for HSO and second for BBCSO. Of course switching from legato to pizzicato, spiccato and so on works perfectly, while the same setup (keyswitching) for BBCSO don’t work as expected. Putting legato at the start of stem will play legato all the way despite of pizzicato switch in the middle. If removed that legato switch, then pizzicato works fine. To use both, there should be a silence between legato note and first pizzicato. Stupid, right? That’s my observation today. Maybe I should restart everything including myself, but I suppose there are some inner problems that pushes to use only HSO (or Iconica).

I don’t say that Dorico is bad or HSO is bad. I just want to feel free to use tools I have. That’s the only way to compose music. Not going strictly through gates you draw.

I’m disappointed.

Have you put legato and pizz into an exclusion group, since they cannot both function at once?

@Derrek, Thank you! You just saved for Steinberg one Dorico user :wink:
I didn’t put Legato in excl. list. Now I completely removed Legato and use Natural because BBCSO Discover don’t have Legato, the main (first) articulation is Long. So I put all them in exclusion list and now it works as expected. There was a little misunderstanding on nonexisting Legato.

There’s certainly no conspiracy at play here to try to ensure that you can only use HALion Symphonic Orchestra or indeed Iconica with Dorico. Thousands of Dorico users are using other sample libraries with success. However, the setting up of expression maps in Dorico is certainly a bit different to the procedure for Cubase and it takes a bit of getting used to. However, if you approach it in the knowledge that we in the Dorico team and at Steinberg more broadly are not trying to impede you from using whatever sample library you like, hopefully that will put you in the mindset that a solution is available, if you know where to look or who to ask. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have here on the forum, so ask away.