Spitfire Chamber Strings Playback Template?

I’m a longtime Dorico user, and recently I’ve been wanting to improve the playback, so I’ve purchased Spitfire Chamber Strings, since I do a fair amount of string quartet writing. I’m new to using alternative VSTs with Dorico and had to google what “playback template” and “expression maps” are.

I’ve been searching the various threads on this forum for relevant playback templates and/or expression maps for Spitfire Chamber Strings, but, haven’t found anything that would seem to work: do I need to learn how to create a playback template for Spitfire Chamber Strings, or is there another way to use this library with Dorico playback?

Do a search for UAC in this forum. I know different folks (including myself) have at least started making expression maps for these libraries. It gets a little clunky because you have to make sure you load all the Kontakt slots to have access to all the articulations you might need but it’s possible.

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thanks, for my own education, what does UAC stand for?

I think @winknotes intended UACC. This is Sptifire’s ‘universal’ mapping of library patch articulations to cc numbers, and it does make setting up Expression Maps easier.

That said, you should still prepare yourself for a journey akin to the search for the Holy Grail.

Yes thank you @Janus

And it is a rough road.

Just wondering : why did you invest in Spitfire’s Chamber strings if you’re working on string quqrtets? Wouldn’t Spitfire solo strings (or Cremona quartet) have been a better choice, since it matches your target? I understand chamber strings to be a smaller strings ensemble (just like VSL Elite strings) but not a quartet…

It sounded like a good compromise between orchestral writing (which I also do some of, albeit aspirationally) and a better sound for smaller ensembles.

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