Spitfire doesn't come up in VST Instruments

So, I put in a ticket with Spitfire but I"m just curious if anyone else has had this issue? I downloaded and installed their free BBC Orchestra instrument and it worked fine - it come up under “synths” for some reason but it works. So I went and purchased their Studio Strings package and it just doesn’t come up in my VST instruments list. I can load one sample in Kontakt but that’s hardly the experience I’m looking for. I tried reinstalling the package and it didn’t help. I’m having the same results in Logic as well. Really a shame. It seems like a such a good library.

If it’s a Kontakt library, you need to rescan libraries inside Kontakt, but maybe you did it already?

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I’m pretty sure I did. I got caught up with work but I’m going to take another stab at it, hopefully today, Still very disappointed that they didn’t create their own instrument.

They did… but not all older libs are available for the new player.

Really? Where is it? My Spitfire app say Studio Strings is installed and nothing comes up in Nuendo at all. What’s really weird is the free version of the BBC orchestra DOES have it’s own instrument. All that comes up in my Virtual Instrument list is that and LABS. I have fully figured out what LABS is but it looks like…a child’s toy.

Got it! User error of course. I hadn’t authorized properly via Native Access. This is my mistake, but… I am still surprised and disappointed that a company this big and well-known is depending on Kontakt. They really should have a full-featured and flawless dedicated virtual instrument of their own.

Thank you for your input!

Well… if ignorance is bliss

LOL, if ignorance were bliss I’d be in ecstasy :slight_smile:
At least I’m off and running. Now to see whether I prefer it to Vienna.