Spitfire Hans Zimmer Percussion (JXL AE) Mapping

I have the simple task of mapping the Low Boom Gallery to Dorico 4.3. No signal is reaching Kontakt 7. I get a signal if I select an arbitrary mapping from the list. That is, I can confirm a response, wrong as it may be, by seeing a key in Kontakt’s move by hearing the wrong instrument playing. So I know that map is talking to the Kontakt client. If I create a map and add the Bass Drum with a technique setting of ‘Natural,’ I get NO response from Kontakt, right or wrong. No keys visibly move on the client. This happens regardless of what key MIDI Note or Note Name I apply the setting to. I confirmed that ‘Natural’ was the technique applied to the notes. So Dorico isn’t talking to Kontakt with my Percussion Map, but it will with any of the stock maps. The docs aren’t helping me. Does anyone have any suggestions?


The problem is likely to be that the MIDI pitch(es) you have mapped in your percussion map are not the correct notes to trigger the sounds in the patch. Are you certain that G0 is the right pitch to produce the tone you’re looking for?

I tried using several different MIDI pitches just to see if I could see some activity on the Kontakt client keyboard. I’m seeing no keyboard movement nor indicator lights on the client, confirming that it’s receiving a signal. The library uses most of the keyboard, so I would expect moving to the setting anywhere would cause something, even if it’s the wrong instrument. If I can get Dorico to speak to Kontakt, I can address getting the correct key for the Bass Drum. I was unable get Dorico to connect with the library with or without the mapping. I have no problems getting Spitfire’s other libraries to work. Just the SF Percussion and Zimmer Percussion. I suspect I’m missing something, given that no one else seems to be having a problem.

I suggest you schedule a session with my colleague John, who can walk you through this and make sure that there’s nothing too horrible going on:

(Technically this is intended for people who are having trouble switching from another scoring application, but in practice he’ll be happy to set aside 30 minutes to help you with this.)


What the Zimmer library considers G0, Dorico’s expression sees as G1.