Spitfire SO old and new

I’m aware that Spitfire recently launched a bundle called Spitfire Symphony Orchestra, which closely resembles a range of libraries that were previously grouped under an umbrella title of the same name. Can anyone shed light on the practical differences between the two? I suspect, for example, that the Old version included solo strings, which the New version does not.

I ask in part because NotePerformer’s support is for the Old libraries, and I’m interested to know how well Dorico+NP works with that option applied to the New library.

Arne said in VI control that NP does not control the new Spitfire SO yet. If it were to be supported, it would probably a free addition to the old engine. But don’t expect anything before it really happens.

Yes, I was in touch to ask him about it. I’m interested, though, to find out what the differences are.