Spitfire Solo Strings - cc#24 Vibrato not working


I recently purchased Spitfire Solo Stings for Kontakt.

For Solo Strings, MIDI cc#1 controls the intensity and is working fine but MIDI Controller cc#24, which should control the Vibrato, is not working at all.

I am not using any external MIDI devices but rather just using the “draw” function to add data in both of these controller lanes.

At the moment I have no idea as to whether the issue is with Cubase (Pro 8.5), Kontakt (5.7.3) or Solo Strings.

I have raised an SR with Steinberg (to see whether there any way to confirm that this controller data is actually being passed to the Kontakt VST) but I also wanted to ask whether anyone else has encountered this problem? If so, how did you resolve it?

I would also be interested to hear from anyone for whom Spitfire Solo Stings worked OOTB. If so, which versions of Cubase, Kontakt were you using.

Any assistance you can provide would be very much appreciated.

Many Thanks,


Just had a reply back from Spitfire. Seems like their documentation is wrong - the correct default controller for Vibrato is cc#21 (not cc#24)