Spleeter (or similar) for WL anyone..?

Its coming built-in to the release of Acon Digital Acoustica v7.2 (soon)

Its interesting… First time I’ve come across this type of tech; though apparently there are commercial versions of similar available. There’s some (steep) limitations with the Open-Source version of Spleeter currently, most all of which will be overcome/streamlined in Acoustica’s implementation (they say).

But just wondered would any of the WL community see a big need/use for this type of tool…? Having the ability to sort of ‘remix’ up to 5 stems, separated from the source mix - as opposed to doing a ‘normal’ re-mastering job on the source as a whole - might be fun… :slight_smile:

I’m probably being more than a bit naive on all this…


That’s interesting … it seems to be following on from a recent Sony announcement for ‘360 sound’ on Amazon (although the Sony tools are proprietary):

Hmm… Thanks Paul; I do remember a little about this from last year - it is interesting stuff; I’ll read more from your link later…

Of course, short term - now that there’s a start with video support built-in, there’s that whole other thread about WL and its current state of support for multi-channel audio editing/processing/handling… :wink:


Intriguing, especially as I have Acoustica (it handles my multi-channel files!). And by coincidence I today received an email offering me another version of this tech:


Wow - thanks.! Again, another new one to me… Just watched the videos they posted; its a bit like Melodyne on steroids - there’s some neat tricks there. I might go for a trial with it next month… :wink: