Splice 2month creator plan free promo not working

Hey I tried using the splice creator 2month free voucher with 400 credits i got via emailed and it only gave me the standard splice 14 day trial with 200 credits??? And of course I had to give a credit card.

Any ideas this is a pretty whack promo if it doesnt work

Isn’t this a splice issue and not a Steinberg issue ?

It brings you to a page where you enter your credit card (after all, you are signing up for a subscription where they hope to continue billing you after the free trial period). On the right-hand side there should be “enter promo code” and you would enter the voucher received by Steinberg. Worked for me. Read more here - https://support.splice.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042684753-How-Can-I-Enter-my-Promo-Code-

Same here. Confirmation email and my ‘Plan’ in Splice says I only have a 14-day trial despite using the Steinberg promo code.