Split Automation lane into parts

Hi there,

here’s a newbie to cubase pro.

Coming from FL Studio I tried to cut / slice the event in an automation lane - like it’s possible with audio or midi.
But Alt - X does not do anything - I also googled for that.
So is this possible in another way to cut an automation track into pieces?
I guess not - but maybe someone can widen my horizon… that would be great.

I’m just trying to find out how to copy automation curves in the same lane horizontally.
I also read some older postings concerning the proposal to have automation clips like in Fl - maybe this would be the equivalent.

Thanks in advance for any advice :wink:

Ok, I guess then this is not possible. Discovered that the copy function of parts works when an area is selected and then ctr. c + ctrl v

It is possible to copy automation using the Range tool. Select the range you want to copy then hold Ctl. (or whatever that is on Mac) and drag over.

Also, In Preference > Editing check the box for “Automation Follows Events.”

Maybe this will better answer your questions. Good luck.


Thanks a lot!

this is helpful.
I had noticed some options of the range tool, now watched a video walktrough on that, definitely very useful. Just finding my way in the new workflow (trying to transfer some bits of the old one into the new daw), it’s getting better…

I’m glad to hear you go it more sorted out. BTW, I think I said it’s “hold ctrl” but I believe it’s actually “alt” for drag copying ranges…

Yep, that was easy (and I guess it’s a typical windows shortcut). Great is strg. + D (knew this only from video editing).
Quite happy with cubase so far!