split bars when reformatting

This is a problem for me. If I want to put make into a page and select the first note and the last note of the selection that I want to make either into a new page or new system I frequently get a bar split over a system or page. Drives me crazy, how can I stop this from happening?

You need to select the final barline where you want the break, not the last note.

I usually select all the bars that I want moved and it usually works. If there are ties over the selected area they have to be removed before editing. Still wish there were an easier way

You mean you select the actual barline? That should always work. And you shouldn’t need to break the tie first.

There are very few features from Finale that I miss, but this is one of them. Modifying systems was a breeze. I’m getting used to Dorico’s method for it. Mostly just a case of “You like what you know.”

If I don’t break the tie Dorico reads the tied bar as part of the reformat, at least that’s been my experience. And I have had trouble selecting the final bar line, but also feel that shouldn’t matter if you have all the notes in the bar selected.

Yes that works fine for what you’re illustrating but not if you want to reformat to make a new system.

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be dense, but I don’t understand what you mean specifically. You select the barline and it doesn’t work?

He’s talking about using the Make Into System button. If you marquee select then it’ll include notes that are tied into and out of the bars you’re selecting.

It’s one of the reasons I prefer inserting system breaks manually.

To use make into system correctly (or make into page) select the first note of the wanted systemp (or page) and the last barline (cmd-click) of that system (or page). Any other workflow will fail, IIRC. So just do it that way !

In write mode if I select the first note of a bar and , e.g. I select a barline 4 bars later, it will not highlight, only the last beats in the bar. Sometimes it works, and sometimes I get a split bar over systems. I will try that it in marquee view and see if it’s different.

I’m sorry, richard, but the barline should highlight if you select it. And setting those breaks or Make into… is in Engrave mode, so I recommend that you do all the stuff there, even the selection. Here’s why : in Engrave mode, there are several “sub-modes” : Frame mode, Staff spacing mode, Note spacing mode. If any of those submodes is enabled, any selection made in Write mode will disappear as soon as you switch to Engrave mode.
Try and zoom in to make sure you select the first note and the last barline as I suggested earlier, and you will see that it does work.

I have a hard time selecting notes in engrave mode. Holding down Ctri key to select first and last notes first one frequently disappears. That is much easier to do in write mode then switch over.

Dear Richard,
You are right. One trick might help you though, when you find Dorico does not select exactly what you need : shift-alt-click different times on the same spot (crowded with different elements) will select each time another element. It looks cumbersome at first but I find it’s a big time-saver once you’ve got your brains used to it !

MarcLarcher: your last comment is quite helpful, I didn’t know that. thanks