Split Events to Separate Tracks


Say I have a track with a single wave file sliced up to several events. I want these on separate tracks so I can process them differently. Without manually adding and moving them, is there a command that will automatically send the selected events or all events on a track to separate tracks, possibly even already in a Folder?

My work around is to bounce them individually, import back into the Pool and then Insert at Origin, and choose Separate Tracks.

if you’re talking drums…

1/ drop file into Groove Agent
2/ drag ‘rex’ file into project
3/ right click on midi part
4/ dissolve’ - separate pitches to separate tracks
5/ bounce individual tracks to audio.

take about 30 seconds.

hope this helps you out.

No, not drums.

I ended up just making a keyboard shortcut to bounce selection. Bounced all of the events, but didn’t replace them. Went to the Pool and added at Origin on different tracks. I think that took less than 30 seconds. =)

Thanks though!