Split half notes in 5/4

What I’m trying to write is, in 5/4: 1/4 rest, 1/4 note, 1/2 note, 1/4 note. The half note beginning on beat 3 gets split into two tied-together 1/4 notes. In the Notation Options, I’ve set ‘Notes starting after the start of the bar of multiple beats in duration’ to ‘notate as single note’, and this fixed the same issue in a 4/4 bar, but not in the 5/4.

Is there a way around this?

It seems like your subdivision (beat group) of the 5/4 meter is 2+3. Select the time signature, press Shift+M (to input the meter again), type 3+2/4 in the field and press Return. After that, go to the bottom panel (properties) and switch the Numerator style to “Number” from “Beat group”.

If indeed the beat grouping of your 5/4 is e.g. 3+2 but you want to notate “against” it (the 1/2 note crossing the beat group border), input the 1/2 note again with the Force Duration (O) (left hand panel) active: that prevents Dorico splitting the note to two tied notes according to the beat group.

Many thanks! That was exactly what I needed.

If you type [3+2]/4 in the field, you don’t need to change the properties.

Warning: this might not work properly in the current version, if your keyboard layout is not US or UK English.

Good call, thank you for this info. And you’re correct, my keyboard layout is Finnish/Scandinavian, and the square brackets don’t even show up in the Shift+M pop-over when I try to input them with the normal way (Alt+8 or 9, whereas normal parentheses are Shift+8 or 9).