Split keyboard and play separate vst instrument

Hello i have an 88 key master
I want to be able to play with, let’s say, the first half of the nmaster a vst instrument on track 1, and with the 2nd half of the master another vst on track 2
Changing the midi channel on the track doesn’t make sense, right?
I have found to use the Input TRansformer…but no success
I tried the Global or the local(which one should be used?) and then i select channel filtering 10
Wether i set to SAME or DIFFERENT, the master play at all on that track
How to set it up?

I am trying other kind of filtering and it seems the transformer doesn’t work on any, i have followe a video, and i did the same the video explain…but for me the notes are always received
I made it simply
I set the keyboard with no splt transmitting on channel 1
then i create a filter for all the channel not equal to 1
It plays all the time…

also, i don’t know if it normal, if i use midi monitor, whter midi channel i assign to the keyboard, it will always show channel 1
If i use another tool, i correctly see the midi channel i have set on my keyboard

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Just set the split in your keyboard to for example send the lower range on MIDI channel 1 and the upper range on MIDI channel 2.

Then add a local input transformer to both VST tracks as follows (with the parameter, that is channel, replaced accordingly):

Note that you have to enable the Module and set the Function to Filter.

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aahh ok…i did not see the little switch to enable the module!
What about the midi monitor always showing midi channel 1?

You should set the MIDI channel sent by lower / upper range in your master keyboard’s internal settings.

I guess technically you could also set an input transformer that would change the midi channel of notes at least C4 or wherever you want the upper range to be split to be changed to MIDI channel 2.

ok you mean i coul dsplit the input in the transformer rather than in the keyboard?

I think it should be possible, not certain of the exact logic settings as I haven’t had the need to do so.

can you confirm is not an error that the midi monitor always display midi channel 1 ?or at least is a cubase error?

Cubase MIDI Monitor insert does display all note input on MIDI channel 1, even though I’ve split my keyboard to send notes C4 or above on MIDI channel 2. MIDI-OX does display them correctly on MIDI channel 2.

thank you

So if you don’t want to split in your keyboard but in Cubase with input transformers, examples as follows:

Lower range instrument (played with keys B2 and below):

Upper range instrument (played with keys C3 and above):

Was simpler than I thought, tired and overthinking things.


You don’t have to mess with the keyboard settings. You can split the keyboard in one module of the Input Transformer, then in another module you can set the octave shift (12 = one octave).

Module 1

Module 2

The above settings are illustrated by the following graphic:

You get the gist…


tomorrow i’ll try these

great…don’t need to use the keyboard to do that
thank you!

My post is based on what @paka said in post 9, so half the credit goes to him. :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah, of course i thank both of you! :slight_smile:


Hi Stefanocps.

Depending on the Vst Instrument you wanna use there is another really easy way with the halion player:

  • you load two instrument tracks with 2 Halion players
  • you load 2 instruments, both in the first slot (so first midi channel)
  • go to the Midi page of halion and set up your keyrange as you like (see screenshot)
    if you want you can even split your keyboard into more than just two parts like that!
    if you now activate these two (or more) tracks you can rec on these and it will just play the sound of the range that you selected. In this way you can also do adjustments to the range after recording!!
    Maybe that will help you as well - Peace!


That was a great idea, Frank.

The ability to change the note range per instrument afterwards as you wish really got me thinking this would be nice to do with other VST instruments.

Recording to several VST instrument tracks in one go by splitting your keyboard with input transformers of course as a sum of all tracks recorded gives you the complete MIDI information, but if you want to change instruments and the ranges they play you’re in for a fair amount of MIDI note copy-pasting (though MIDI Logical Editor certainly can help).

Soooo, I of course had to try to come up with a solution for this… and I’m certain this has been done a thousand times before and there almost certainly are easier ways to do it so if someone knows one please do share it. I’m just a hobbyist so my apologies for being pleased with myself for something probably quite obvious.

The first idea was to just record to a single MIDI track and do MIDI sends from that to separate VST instrument tracks, with input transformers filtering as wanted. Unfortunately, seems like MIDI send ignores input transformers so this was a failure.

So I used loopMIDI to create a virtual input and output MIDI port, and Soundigy MIDI Patchbay to route the signal between them. Then routed the output of the MIDI track to the virtual input port, and the virtual output port to the input of the VST instrument tracks. This way the MIDI notes go through the input transformers.

Record-arming the MIDI track and only monitoring the instrument tracks keeps the MIDI data separate from the instruments.

This allows you to change the range of notes the VST instruments play at will after recording (and using the ‘outside range’ condition in the input transformer, splitting your keyboard to more than two instruments).

As this uses external MIDI inputs, you have to do a realtime export of the track, though. So can be aggravating for 10-minute ambient EDM tracks.


the idea of franke of course it is good, and also it is not always usable…so for when it is good it is a nice solution!