Split MIDI track via manual edit

It may already be possible but I can’t see where or how…

I want to select multiple midi events or notes in any of the app regions that allow editing, and after selection have those events transferred to a new track.

For example:

I have a MIDI track of 4 bars, each bar containing 4 crotchet chords of C-E-G-C. I want to be able to manually select any of the individual notes across all 4 bars and then press a button that automatically transfers (or optionally copies) the selected notes to a new (or merge with an existing) track, retaining playback location relative to source track.

Process needs to be simple:

  1. Select note(s) or event(s)
  2. Press button(s) to copy or transfer to new track
  3. Highlight any available options
  4. Press button to confirm/execute

Apologies if this is already a function within Cubasis for iOS.

Hi mmtuk,

Thanks for your message.
I’m unsure that I correctly understood your request.

Please double tap the MIDI event to open Cubasis’ MIDI editor.
In the MIDI editor you’re able to select individual MIDI notes for further editing such as transpose, copy and much more.

Does this answer your question?