Split multiple midi notes at once by the grid interval.

Hi there!

So, using the split tool and holding alt, I can split one note at a time by the interval of the grid, which is nice.
But, Is there any way of doing a similar thing but for a group of selected notes?
And why does it deselects the notes?

For example, In the attached image, I would like all selected notes to become triplets.


Set your quantize setting accordingly and then select notes you want to quantize and press Q. If that doesn’t get you the desired results please investigate in the ‘Logical Editor’.

Thanks there, but I’m not trying to quantize, I’m trying to split notes using the grid.
Pretty much the same you would get when splitting + holding Alt key, but for all selected notes.

Btw, if anyone knows how to setup the Logical Editor to achieve this, I would be really grateful!.

Try this:

First make sure the option “Split MIDI Events” is activated in the preferences under the Editing -> MIDI menu

Then in the project window, use the split tool while holding down alt to split the event into the grid you want

Then use the glue tool to glue the event back together

You should now have your notes all divided into triplets

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Thanks ilmolto for pointing that out!

Tbh, I was really hopping for something more straightforward, at least something I could attach to a key command.

I spend countless hours in front of the midi editor, and this jumping back and forward with the project window for making a cut (in this specific case), well…it would probably be easier to just go note by note and get over it, but it’s so much time wasted clicking around!, I find myself doing this so many times that I was really hopping for a solution.

That said, the Glue tool does act on the selected notes, I see no reason why the Split tool should not.
They should be consistent, these are everyday basic and fundamental tools :neutral_face:

Hi, I’m having the same problem, and I’M wondering if anybody has come up with a solution in the meantime.