Split Multiple Notes At Once Possible?

Years ago I coulda -swore- this was possible simply by selecting some notes, then choosing the scissors tool, then holding down the “Alt” key or something but I cannot figure it out so…

Say I have a MIDI part with 8 quarter notes, all fully 1 quarter in length. What I want to do is select those 8, hit a key and they are split into 16 eighth notes, retaining their original pitch.


Say I have a MIDI part with 8 quarter notes, all fully 1 quarter in length. Can I

  1. Make each note half its length and then.
  2. Duplicate the notes BUT move them over half the distance (thus achieving the same results as in the above question)?

I think you get what I’m trying to do.

Is there a key command or is it possible to create a Macro/LE/PLE preset to do this?


If the 8 notes in the MIDI part are the only ones in it at a given time point, I would do this :

  1. Open the key Editor and set the cursor at the relevent point.
  2. Check both the Snap type (Snap to Grid) and the Quantize presets (value) parameters.
  3. Launch the following macro :
Edit - Select All
Edit - Split at Cursor
Edit - Select None
Edit - Select from cursor to end
Nudge - Right

Maybe it’s not exactly what you are looking for, but I hope that it will help, though…

Sadly, no. “Split at cursor” does exactly as it says: It only seems to split the one note directly under the cursor.

Glue all notes together so it makes one long note. Hold alt and split at 1/8th length. This will duplicate the split across the rest of the note.

Only seems to work for a single pitch. I want to split all selected notes on the grid, regardless of pitch.

Yes it is possible.
Take a midi clip and do the same thing with it as you did with one note
Then you can combine the pieces into one clip

Be careful with the first cut, its length from the beginning of the clip will be used for subsequent cuts