Split out sounds on single audio percussion track

Cubase can do just about anything so I thought I’d see if any of you guys know a trick for this…
I’ve been given a few audio percussion tracks (from a drum machine) and some sounds appear on other tracks. Is there a way to split out sounds on single audio percussion track without cutting into slices and manually moving them all?

Do I understand you correctly that you have an audio file with percussion sounds and you want to extract some of those sounds and remove all the others? Then probably your best bet is actually slicing them up and deleting the events you don’t need. The slicing can be done semi-automatically with hit points, which work quite well on percussive material.
Depending on the material you could also get away with some gating, but that is only possible if the sounds you need are somewhat consistent, say if it is always the loudest hit, or it has a specific, unique frequency somewhere that you can focus on with the sidechain.

Maybe there is some wizardry that can be done with spectral editors like SpectraLayers or RX or the likes which I don’t know about, but in the end I think the slicing is probably the most precise method.

Thanks for the reply, Yes, I’ve tried all of these solutions but I was hoping to find something a little more automatic and less time consuming.