Split point for grand staff

I cannot find the option for setting the MIDI Split Point for what I play - sure there’s one apparently available when importing MIDI. Searched the online manual too.

Arrghh -some so simple is yet again wasting my time.

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Scroll down to import options>Interpretation, you can set the splitpoint as automatic or fixed. Hope it helps.
Note that this is for MIDI import, not for recording directly into Dorico (as I understand now you’ve already figured out).

I am not opening a MIDI file - I’m inputting notes from my MIDI keyboard. Trying to access the options via File>Import just leads to browsing for a file.

I don’t believe it exists. However, your assumption is that everyone’s MIDI keyboard input is heading to a grand staff piano. That might not be true for others. For example, if you have string quartet, set the caret across all four instruments, and play a 4-note chord, Dorico cleverly assigns one note to each instrument, irrespective of tessitura. The concept of split point is meaningless in this context.

You’ll find options relating to MIDI recording in Preferences > Play.

Dorico 4 brought changes in this area: Dorico now does various clever stuff that detects contrapuntal music during MIDI recording, and will therefore the split point can vary according to the requirements of the music.

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The only way to resolve this ist using LogicPro or similar.
→ Splitpoint in Logic
→ Record your stuff
→ Check it!
→ Export as xml or mid file
→ Import to Dorico
→ Make some adjustments
→ Ready!