Split-Point Piano


warum macht Dorico keinen automatischen Split-Point bei Piano instrumenten? Wie muss man das einrichten?

So etwas dürfte es normalerweise nicht geben. Siehe Anhang.

I would guess that when Dorico has a feature for realtime MIDI entry (which it currently doesn’t) they’ll think about split-points for keyboard instruments.
You need to make these decisions yourself - you can quickly jump from one keyboard stave to the other using the up and down arrow keys (at least on my UK English keyboard).

Split points are not always helpful - they make things like the attached (where specific handing has been thought about) difficult.

Danke für die Antwort! Aber sie geht an der Frage vorbei.

Wo ist die Einstellung mit der ich das mittlere C als Übergangspunkt zwischen den Systemen einstellen kann ?

There is no split point feature in Dorico yet. It does not exist. You have to do it manually.

That would improve however the legibility ! And the mode of operation …

this depends on how complex your music is. Please see pianoleos example…
As a starting point: imagine the upper stave is thought to be for the right hand of the player and the lower staff for the left hand.

(Notation Composer has superb realtime midi input with floating splitpoint and excellent MusicXML export… )