Split/Separate Divisi staves

I was writing an orchestral piece and I’ve split the strings into divisi for most of the piece. Now Dorico shows the divisi together in one layout, for example, I have celli divisi a 2 then the celli get 2 staves in their part. It’s great, but with corona, everyone has their own stand now. Turning pages is a bit of a hassle because of it. Now I was wondering if I could separate the staves onto new layouts. So that every cello player gets just their own stave to play from and not the other division part.
Is this possible in any way?

(Dorico 3.5 by the way)

Welcome to the forum, @Floris_Heijdra.

I can think of a couple of ways you could approach this. One would be to add two new cello players to your project, copy the material from each divisi section and paste to each of the two new players, then you could remove those new players from the full score layout so that you only have their parts.

Another option would be to use the manual staff visibility feature to hide one or other divisi section in a pair of part layouts, each of which have the cello assigned.

Welcome, @Floris_Heijdra!

This has worked for me in the past and should work for you too! It all depends on your full score strategy: you can either keep a single instrument with divisi (as you have now) « or » merge the two “cello” instruments with condensing. I found the former to be easier, or at least it felt like it!

Thank you both for the quick reply! I’ll try to do that.

Is there a quick way to only select the lower staff of the ossia? If I try to select only one then both get selected and I don’t think I can Filter them out.

You should be able to make a selection on one particular staff of the divisi reasonably easily: try switching to galley view so that making a selection on the divisi staff doesn’t also grab any of the unison music (because the unison passages are not shown in galley view).