Split third chord symbol

Does anybody know if it’s possible to input chord symbols with split thirds? (I think this may sometimes be called mixed thirds, e.g. C major with an added Eb or Gminor with an added B natural).

Honestly, I don’t even know what the standards in the different chord symbol schools are for such a thing, nor is some medium googling turning anything up. I would have imagined something like, for instance, the chord I’m trying to input, Bbmaj7(addb3) would be the way to do it (both in written form and for input into Dorico), but Dorico wants to turn that into Bbmaj7(addB). I don’t think it likes the whole addb3 figure…

So I suppose my two questions are: is this something Dorico supports? And if so, what have I done wrong?


Is b10 (or #9) not acceptable?

Oh, I should have mentioned b10 does the same thing that b3 does. Dorico doesn’t recognize it. For what it’s worth, b10 is actually what I would prefer to use, just to make explicit that the major third is on the bottom and the minor third is at least in the next octave up.

I suppose I could use #9, and that’s even how Dorico interprets it if you play it in through a midi keyboard, but the melody that’s happening over top moves back and forth between b3 and 2 a whole bunch (thus making it necessary to notate it in the melody as b3 and not #2), and I would prefer a chord symbol that matches up with what’s actually going on musically (along the same lines, it would bug me a good deal to have a C# in my bass-line but a Db in the chord symbol).

One option I guess would be to use a polychord, e.g. Bbm | Bbmaj7 in the popover, but it’s still not quite right–also Dorico plays those upside down at the moment…

Oh, I should also mention that I can do Bbmaj7(addDb), which is what I’m using for the time being, but I would love to be able to use a number at some point :slight_smile:

Hmm… I thought I’d used a b10 before but it doesn’t work… I agree 100% that b10 and #9 are not the same. I thought that Dorico would accept anything here. If it’s pop/jazz charts the bad spelling is expected (key of Db with F#s and C#s anyone?), but still yuck…
‘Add Db’ is not a bad solution.