Split Tool = Cubase Crash!

Hi to all.
As titled, any time i try to edit an audio part
Using the split tool, Cubase crash.
It’s really frustrating. Sometimes i be able to do just 2 Or 3 cuts, then fall down. Anyone had same problem here?

I’m using cubase 10.5.20
On Windows 10 - 64 bit.

Hi and welcome,

Attach the *.dmp file located in Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps folder, please.

Anything special about your files? What file type is it (WAV/FLAC), what sample rate, bit depth, …?

it’s happening even if i load just 1 track in the project.
i’m working generally in 44/48 khz 24 Bit.
Cubase is working in 32 bit float.
Nothing special.
Really frustrating situation :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
impossible to work in this conditions.
DMP attached.
please Help… thanks.
Cubase 64bit 2020.6.8 (541 KB)