"Split" tool doesn't work in edge case


All of a sudden the Range > Split stopped working! I noticed I have the followings:

Pre-requisite: single audio track

  1. Set snap to Event and snap ON
  2. Select a range from the start of the clip to anywhere you’d like.
  3. split

On my end, split does not work. I know I can use the split tool instead but I really need to work with range and use this in my Macros.

Any help would be appreciated.


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Thanks for responding, Martin.

Yes, I did and it works! Now sure in my very simple project with two audio tracks and a marker track did not.


Do I understand you right, you can observe the issue in one project only?

It seems so. I wish there was a feature to cleanup project rather then deleting the preferences each time.


If this is in one project only, I wouldn’t trash the preferences for this. Try to Save a new version of the project, or Backup Project. Does it work after?