Split tool in Score Editor Is not working

Hi there,

The split tool in score editor is not Splitting Note Events. I want to split 2 notes that are strung together by a tie, I click on the tied note head with the Cut tool and nothing happens? Why? Here is the instruction?


Any help would be appreciated.


That manual is referring to Elements and Artist, I think. Cubase Pro has a separate manual for the Score Editor. The tools have different names because Elements doesn’t have a Cut Note tool, Pro does. So use the Split Tool, the scissors.

By Trial and error I found it to be cmd+shift and split. I really like the online manual and I can read and search much better.

Are we talking about different functions? No modifier keys should be needed for this.

No! Same functionality. Mine need it! I know in the SL&P manual page 52 says not need for modifier keys!

Maybe it’s a Mac/PC difference, but it shouldn’t be. Did you test this in Safe Start Mode? (hold ctrl-alt-shift while Cubase launches)