Split tool with/without snap

I love the fact that I can move objects where I need with “CTRL+drag” even when snap to grid is engaged.

Is there a way to split “ALT+click” where I want even when snap to grid is engaged. I know I can disengage the snap but want I’m looking is a button that similarly to CTRL+drag, bypass the snap function.



I don’t know of any modifier that will do this. If it exists I’m sure someone round here will know it.

One workaround is to hit ‘j’. This is the shortcut to toggle grid editing.

So to do you edit;

J (turn off grid)
Alt click to split
J (turn on grid again).

Not ideal but I find it quicker than mousing up to the top of screen n back again.


Thanks for the heads up.
I hope there were an other way round.
While editing keep pressing back and forth J is not ideal :unamused:

Select the scissors tool and Ctrl-click.

I have redefined the ‘best’ (IMO) editing tools to shortcut keys that lie under my left hand. 1=pointer, 2=mute, 3=scissors, 4=PlayTool, `=rewind, etc. Anyway, whatever your poison, I did that so I can mouse with my right hand and switch tools and press modifiers with my left hand. At times I do a lot of precision comping and general editing so this really allows me to get it done at speed.


if you click on the CMD in osx you tell cubase to ignore the grid quantize for all the tools. So stay snap until you click with cmd. Hope it helps. Thumbs up!

While I’m not a gamer in any way, I got a gaming mouse so I could program the tool selection onto all the extra mouse buttons. Really improved my workflow.