split view option

Hey there!

Is it possible to implement the split view (on mac) to dorico. Scenario: transcribing music from spotify. This would be handy on a laptop 13" screen.

Thank You!

Dorico doesn’t support split view at the moment, but there’s nothing to stop you from arranging the windows on your desktop so that you can see two applications at once. There are also lots of inexpensive third-party applications to help with window management. I personally use Moom by Many Trick Software, but I know several of my colleagues use BetterSnapTool. You might want to give one of them a try if you’ve not tried them before.

Split view works flawlessly on my 13" mac. Just make sure to hide the toolbar (cmd+6), as this is to wide to fit in split view.

Thank You Anders and Daniel!
exploring the bettersnaptool. Still havent found a solution. ideal would be one top half of the screen, the other bottom half (dorico and spotify). to keep spotify audio line visible and least one or two staff lines on dorico. trying with snap areas. no luck yet. it shows how much i know my computer. Maybe i still need a bigger screen for that. It seems that the problem is that spotify does not let itself scale vertically. and the topic should be not in this forum.

for now i can work it out - dorico down bottom half, spotify upper. for that i dont need bettersnaptool.