Spliting clips and un-splitting clips

Greetings - was wondering if there is a way to un-split clips? Also, is there a solution for tracks dropping the outputs and giving me ‘missing output’ whatever messages? I re-connect them thru Audio Connections, but at some point, they drop again, and I have to re-connect again.? - Please advise, Much Thanks!!!


You can glue them and then Bounce Selection (or Render in Place). It you can exchange the length of the Audio Event.

This happens, if the Audio Device is not available. Did you open the project with other Audio Device by any chance?

No, same set up, not sure why they drop. Once they drop, there’s no amount of rebooting that helps, they’re just out. I then go track by track to reset them - to where they were already? Is there a way to tell Cubase these are the outputs - please do not drop?


Sorry, I don’t understand you now. Could you explain different way?

So, there are two scenarios I reckon. My Cubase Laptop is either Playing thru my Yamaha DGX670 speakers thru USB, or the laptop is playing thru the laptop speakers,. I go back to a Cubase project - and the ouput are cery often just gone. I have to then, yet again, repeatedly set outputs for my Cubase projects. I save them, but weeks later when I come back to a project - I press play (spacebar), and I got nothing - again. It’s very embarrassing when I have folks in the studio and try to play something. . . . .? I’ve spent hours trying to fix this . . re-loading drivers, . .re-booting . . seems to work for a while, then BAM!! More embarrassment again. Please HELP!! Thank you.

By “outputs”, do you mean your audio interface outputs that are set up in the Audio Connections Window?
If you have screenshots, that would help.

Hello - So I glued two clips together, but now I can’t use draw tool to make a volume envelop on the new audio clip. I tried bounce selection and render in place. Seems to now be a freak audio clip, impervious to the tool that works in other audio clips! Is there a way to tell Cubase to just treat these newly glued clips as an ordinary audio bit?


Once you glue Audio Events, you make an Audio Part. Use Bounce Selection to make the Audio Event from the Audio Part, please.