splitting 1 stereo track into 2 mono tracks.

I am using LE4 but I also have LE8. Running win7. Interface is a Tascam US-144.
I want bring in 2 channels. One is my guitar. 1 is me singing. They are recorded at the same time. I am making a sound track for a video, so both the guitar and the voice have to sync up with the video. I have the 2 channels panned hard to one side or the other. Yeah, there is bleedthrough, but I can live with that. I want to process the voice separately (reverb, compression EQ etc).
The only way I can see to bring the tracks in is as one stereo track. What I would want to do is then split this track into 2 mono tracks, one for guitar and one for voice. I can’t seem to find anything on how to do this.
Is there a way to bring the audio in as 2 separate channels?
Is there a was to assign the R channel to a new track and the L channel to a different track?
Is there a way to delete the R or L in the stereo track? If this was the case I could duplicate the track and the delete the R on one and the L on the other?

Thanks in advance



This is not easy in the old Cubase versions and in LE. The function is available in Cubase now (since Cubase 10, I think) and only Cubase Pro (as far as I know).

You can Export Audio Mixdown and enable the Split Channels. Then import these 2 tracks back to the project.

Not what I wanted to hear, but thanks