Splitting a 5 note chord with a assigned chord track

I made a 5 note chord in Halion 5 and added a chord track for the triads recognition… there are two chord notes who are octave notes in the 5-chord and there are triads chord notes in the 5-chord.
I want to split the chord in two parts in Cubase (octave chord notes and triads chord notes), but when i for example split in the triad part ( the other part is the octave part with two notes) and make a track for this, then the midi export shows no triads, but export the full 5 note-chord ?

The idea was to use a Vst instrument midi track with the 5 -note chord and with the In-Place editor copy the triads and octave notes to two added other midi tracks
In total i do have then 3 midi tracks…5 note chord- 3note triads and -2 octave notes tracks
Now the exporting as a midi file for the 3 note triad goes wrong, i aspected triads, but get the full 5-note chord.
Probably the same for the octave chord notes

Maybe the wrong midi export has something to do with the chord track what is connected with the chord notes ? …\

Also locator range and solo for a track gives no export… :astonished:
This is really disappointing from Cubase…no idea to export a splitted 5 note chord with a chord track above, into two exported midi tracks ?
Or do i overlook a particular function ?
Looks a simple task…

I don’t really understand what you are trying to accomplish or exactly what you’re trying to describe.

if you have some midi chords on a track, you could just select and copy all the pitches above a certain point and then do a copy/paste into a new track, same for the notes below. This would give you two tracks with, if Piano, right hand in one track and left hand in the other. Also, check on Dissolving the track by which you can get individual tracks for each pitch. This might yield a lot of tracks, but would give you detailed control over the parts. I’m a new Cubase user, so other more experienced users may have better solutions and suggestions. Good luck.

It is 5 note chord on a track what i do want to split in 2 new tracks

That is not the problem here making two new tracks (dissolve is not usable here…i use the In-Place editor for midi tracks)… if you now have two new tracks… i cannot export it as a midi file the 2 tracks
I use then a Vst instrument HAlion 5 and have a chord track from the extracted chords ( from the the triads ) too
I do have a midi export problem…the exported midi from the splitted 2 new tracks gives a 5 note chord midi file ?

What a stupid software this…not been able to get from a 5 note chord track what is split into two tracks…the 2 exported midi files from the splitted tracks.
I think the chord track is responsible for this…once i extracted the chord symbols for the triad track ( as control to see if they match with the HALion5 chords under the pads)

The only wat to do this is to start with the 5 note chord track … split this and check chords , then go back to 5 note chord track and remove the notes for exporting to a midi file
I remove the triads …then i get the two doubled octave notes for export or i removed the triads chords notes and get the exported two doubled octave notes for export to a midi file

A function to select the midi notes for bypassing them in the keyeditor for exportas midi file is handier then removing the midi notes…exists such a function in Cubase ?
Probably the easiest/quickest way is to have 3 tracks ( by coping) of the 5 note chord track and removing chord notes from there…most easy should be a function to bypass notes in the keyeditor

Perhaps i found the solution now …“mute” !.. i mute the chords notes not needed in the In-Place editor or key editor
Pweh …what i time consuming affair…to find this out…i am become tired of it
Yes, finally this works but use locators and solo for the 5 note chord track by bypassing the chordnotes with the mute/unmute function for export to a midi file

The most easy way is to make 2 copies of the 5 note track and remove notes from there…not using mute and unmute. unbelievable how much time it has cost to come on this approach…it has to do with find a earlier method to do it.
The first initial idea was that i start there again with the 5 note chord track …remove chord notes and copy this to a new track …this is not working…i don’t get here the right midi export and then with trial and error some tried some more…time consuming