Splitting a flow deletes all the music after the split


I wonder if this should be expected or not. In an existing score, I select a rest at the beginning of the point where I want to split a flow into two flows.

Then I choose Write > Write > Split Flow. A second flow is created, but all the notes crossing the split point are shortened to the end of the first flow, and all the notes that should go into the second flow are deleted.

Is this expected? If so, shouldn’t splitting a score preserve the music, and just distribute it between the two flows?


It shouldn’t be expected. I’ve just tried splitting the demo Akinola “Dorico Prelude” (at the beginning of bar 31)
a) all the following music appears in the new flow
b) the tied brass notes split correctly, with the fps remaining in the last bar of the first flow and the <mfs appearing in the first bar of the second flow.

It looks like you’re reporting a bug, and in order to do so helpfully you need to provide reproducible steps and possibly the project file.

Pianoleo, thank you for checking.

@Daniel, do you like I send you the score I’m working on via private messaging?


We’re aware of this problem. Make sure you’re in the full score layout rather than one of the part layouts when you use the Split Flow command. If you’re in a part layout, Dorico will unfortunately delete the music following the split point from the instruments that are not present in the part layout. This is indeed a bug that is on our backlog to be fixed, but it’s not a simple one to take care of.

+1 as someone affected by this bug. And I’m working in the full score layout.

If you’re working in the full score layout, then there may be another problem, and I need you to send the affected project and steps to reproduce the problem.