Splitting Audio Tracks

I have noticed something different when you split audio tracks in Cubasis2, you could see through the tracks if you moved them over each other at the ends and the beginnings. I found this useful if you were trying to manually line up the audio with the beat, in C3 they lay on top of each other, and you can’t tell if they are split and lined up properly.


I have also noticed this, and agree that having the audio clips “transparent” is preferable.

Just to give another example of this,

I wanted to add some Intro Media/Midi/drums loops from the list to my track beginning.

  1. Chose Intro Drum Loop
  2. Double clicked to place on track
  3. Split and deleted it to length
  4. Began moving Intro track to beginning of my drum Track, when I get it to the far left, it disappears behind the original track.
  5. I can leave it short of left hand edge and it stays on top, and glue it, but you would have to use editor to shift things around
  6. If you put it to the far left, even though you can’t see it you can still glue the two together