Splitting bass into 2 channels

Hello everyone!

New to the forum, I hope this is the right place to post this question, I’ve looked for an answer to this but didn’t find anything that helped.

My question:

I am wanting to record bass into 2 channels one being my “clean” channel, the other the “dirt” channel which I will be recording through my M-80 Bass DI.

I am using Cubase 7 (just got it today) and the Focusrite Scarlet 18i20.

What I was thinking was if I plug in my bass into the input of Mic 1 and somehow send that clean signal into the M-80 Bass DI and then have the M-80 send a dirty channel to input Mic 02.
What do I need to do in Cubase in order to achieve this if at all?

Many thanks in advance!!

I don’t own an M80 but it’s probably like other pedals.

  1. Plug the bass into the M80.

  2. Run the parallel out into an instrument input on the Focusrite. This will be your clean channel. The parallel output is a clean copy of the input meant to route to another amp or a tuner. So it’ll work here.

  3. Run the XLR (DI) out into a mic input on the Focusrite. This will be your dirty channel.

  4. Route each input to its own channel in Cubase. Set levels. Voila!

You should also do a test recording to be sure the parallel output is the same polarity as the DI. If not, just polarity reverse one of the channels.

Many thanks Kelp! That did it!! :slight_smile: